Bike In Time

Bike In Time Stunt Trials

Bike in Time is Gameloft Da Nang’s first creation product, a premium mobile arcade trials game.

I joined Gameloft in 2019, as Lead Game Designer leading a game design team of 7, and advising the entire team of 30+ in technical aspects of game development.

During my time at Gameloft, I personally supervised level design work from my team, as well as gave detailed feedback, and personally implemented fixes on over 90 levels, so that quality expectations from shareholders would be achieved. 

Balancing and minute to minute, as well as hour to hour design we also part of my main responsibilities, as well as was redefining the entirety of the core loop.

Challenges: Ensuring inter-team members respected deliveries, considered risks assessment, and implemented timely and sound technical solutions while keeping my own game design team within schedule and quality thresholds, on a very demanding timeline.

Role: Lead Game Designer, Level Designer.

Team size: 30+ full-time.
Tools: Trident, Excel.