Doom Code Example

Doom Code Example

Player Code

Weapon Base Code

Weapon Mod Code

This is a code example in which I reverse engineered all weapons and most weapon mods from Doom (2016), later replicating their behavior in Unreal Engine 4.

During this exercise, which took a few weeks of moonlighting, I used many basic programming principles to create simple, highly reusable and readable code in order to share the acquired knowledge easily.

I have written about some of the amazing combat design techniques used by id Software in a gamasutra article, and hereunder you can find the entire code base as an Unreal Engine 4 project for your perusal.

Please note that the code is behind a password; if you would like to request it, please email me at However, only eligible recruiters / industry experts will receive the code!

Gamasutra Article: Coming soon!


  • Usage of weapons with or without mods
  • Proper weapon switching including empty weapon ignore (except when not ignored in DOOM)
  • Proper ammo type & amount usage both with or without mods
  • Autoshooting and going into mod mode automatically when LMB or RMB is still pressed when switching weapons as per in DOOM
  • Game instance retains all info for player and weapon / ammo states
  • Closely approximated damages, damage variation, recoils, trace variances…
  • Faked animations and simple UI for basic feedback for behaviour checking
  • Weapons may not have trace variance on the first shot when in auto mode as per in DOOM
  • Easily modified static data holds weapon variables instead of being hardcoded
  • Approximated movement to Doom Slayer
  • Very cheap event-based systems, only 2 tick events amongst all weapon / player classes
  • Damage unification for multiple damages within a short timespan (shotguns, etc)
  • Smooth functions transition between normal shooting and mod shooting
  • Proper usage of encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism…

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