Mario 64 Movement Code Example

Mario 64 Movement Code Example

An exercise by John Romero

Watch the video to hear my explanation of the movement mechanics.

This is a Code Example┬ábased on an exercise requested by John Romero during my apprenticenship at Romero Games. Upon my question to “challenge my 3Cs abilities”, he requested that I recreate Mario 64’s movements in Unreal Engine 4. A few afternoons later, the code that you can see here was created.

In it I explore some of the quite unique and extremely good feeling mechanics in the classic game. Quite a few interesting details were used in order to create a very fluid system with lots of possibilities based on a few simple core pillars, namely walking, jumping and pouncing. Based on those 3, dozens if not hundreds of possibilities are available to users. These are incredibly well expressed via level design as well!

Hereunder find an executable with a small gym level to test the feeling of interacting with the avatar physics and world, and above find a 15 min explanation of the work and mechanics that went into it.

Mario 64 CE